Working One-on-One with a Trained Therapist
I am dedicated to treating the concerns that you bring to therapy. Whether you bring your family, your relationship, or yourself, our goal is to help you achieve the change that you are hoping for.  With the world ever changing and moving at increased speeds, we can often feel like we are getting pulled in many directions. This can be stressful for teens and adults alike. Although life can be pretty amazing at times, it can also be pretty stressful. Individual counseling can be an effective approach for making healthier choices and positive life changes or simply navigating rough patches.... Read The Rest
Couple and Family Therapy Services
Do you need help for yourself, your relationship, or your family? It’s common knowledge the teen years can be hard on the parent/child relationship. Insecurities, social expectations, peer groups and emotional health are just a few of the plethora of issues teens deal with on a daily basis. Let me help break down these barriers and create a meaningful relationship between you and your child. Family therapy is a service that helps individuals and families cope and heal from issues like trauma, grief, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. We are experienced at evaluating the structure of many different family systems... Read The Rest
Safe Exchange of Differing Viewpoints
Groups brings together individuals for the safe exchange of differing viewpoints.  It alleviates the feeling of being alone and creates supportive bonds. When people come into a group therapy setting and interact freely with other members in the group, they usually recreate those difficulties that brought them together in the first place. Under the direction of Counselor Jennifer Hughes, the group is able to give each other support, offer alternatives, and comfort the other members of the group in such a way that difficulties become resolved and alternative behaviors are learned. Our group therapy sessions promote an open and accepting... Read The Rest
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
If you have a teenager(s), you may have heard of a three letter word “DBT”. Maybe you heard the word from a friend or your pediatrician. Maybe you saw the word when you were google-ing “moody teenagers”. Whatever the case, I am here to explain what DBT is in layman terms. What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy? The wonderful web will tell you that DBT is an evidenced-based psychotherapy that has been proven useful in treating mood disorders, suicidal ideations, self-harm and substance abuse. It has also been shown effective in treating anxiety, depression. I will tell you that DBT is... Read The Rest
Powerful Therapy for Healing Trauma and Emotional Stress
Any event that has had a lasting negative effect on the self or psyche is by its very nature “traumatic”. Events that happen to us when we are in our younger years and throughout our life shape and mold us, for better or worse. Some of us can chose to use those situations as life lessons and move on, never letting it affect us again. Others may not be able to do that. It just stays with you, tucked away until it is triggered, affecting you over and over again; sometimes even years apart. We can’t seem to escape it;... Read The Rest

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