What is the cost of therapy services?

One of the greatest barriers to effective mental health treatment is the cost. Although recent regulatory reforms sought to improve access to behavioral and mental health services, many people worry about the costs of therapy. Therapy is, no doubt, a financial commitment.

I have heard therapy is expensive.

You should view therapy as an investment in your future. Make sure you’re prepared to get the MOST of your therapy experience with us. Then, your investment is worth it and you don’t stay in therapy longer than you’ve planned. Imagine having a skill set in place to help you feel confident with situations that arise in the future for the rest of your life! That is a feeling that could be priceless.

When you invest in yourself by going to therapy, and you show up, put in the work, and actively push for change in your own life, you'll experience a long-term difference and be armed with strong tools for the future that allow you to continue self-development and self-management.

As with any major cost to your budget, it is important to research your options. My self-pay rate is $125 a session. If you have BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield), your cost will vary depending on your copay, if any. We can discuss in greater detail over the phone. I do provide superbills for out-of-network insurers for you to seek reimbursement through.

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