How often will we meet?

You will begin by meeting with your counselor on a weekly basis. This is the most effective way for developing a therapeutic counseling rhythm. Therapy sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis as therapy works best when there are consistent sessions that allow for growth and change to take place. Over time, when goals start being met and substantial growth is shown, we will discuss bi-weekly appointments. The end goal of therapy is discharge. When that time nears, you will be an active participant in that conversation.

Weekly sessions are super helpful in the following situations:

  • you are working on building skills (coping, communication, social, mindfulness skills)
  • you are working through a specific challenge that is actively showing up in your daily life (anxiety, relationship difficulties including divorce, grief, behavioral issues, depression, trauma).
  • you are breaking old patterns and reprogramming thinking as well as behaviors because this requires repetition and a neutral party who can consistently support you in seeing how this is showing up in your life as well as how to shift.

Biweekly Sessions are a good option when:

  • You have been in therapy some time and you are seeing progress like less anxiety, alleviated depression, decreased overwhelm, being able to practice the skills you are learning in session out in the real world.
  • You are being proactive about coming to therapy so there is nothing urgent, but you are doing some inner work on yourself and you are doing work between counseling sessions that your therapist suggests or that you find supportive like meditation, journaling, establishing a fitness routine, etc.

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